I woke up one morning last week with this question I asked myself the question, what is truth?
These words came back to me as I recieved them I wrote them down ... I hope you don't mind me sharing it ...

Truth does not need a human expression to validate it.
Truth does not need a logical view to add weight to it, neither hope to realise it.
Truth does not need expectation or experience to manifest it.
Truth does not need your belief to exist!
Truth does not need history or a future to justify it.
Truth does not need a forensic test to qualify it.
Truth does not need human reasoning or perspective to hold it!!
Truth is eternal, It will stand the test of time, It will stand alone, undaunted It will not erode or metamorphasize.  In the face of lies and deciet it will come out still standing.
The Truth you see from your view point, from your understanding, even from your limited revelations - what you see from the before to the now, but this
Truth goes into your future, be assured Truth does not die;  It goes back to its source accomplishing that which it was sent to do.
Truth does not weigh up pros and cons, or make excuses for its judgments.
When it comes against failure - it is still
When it comes against unbelief - it is still
When it comes against grief and loss - it is still
When it comes against poverty and pain, sadness and rejection - it is still
You will never out-live or out-run
Truth, it will follow you.
Death has no power over
Truth - sickness or shame, it is still Truth.
Even science cannot embrace
Life has no power over
The courts have no power over
The goverments of this world have no power over
Truth goes beyond facts -
Truth goes beyond what you see or feel or hear!!
There are many truths, seen from many perspectives, truths that are housed in our boxes:
Our boxes of life and life-styles.
Our boxes of cultture and cultural things.
Our boxes of emotions and feelings.
Our boxes of belief and faith.
Our boxes of religion and religious activities.
Our boxes of affluence and influence.
Our boxes of information and knowledge.
Our boxes of language and communication.
Our boxes of Class, even political ideologies.
Our boxes of accusations and judgements
Our boxes of secrets never to be told ...
Our boxes of things forgotten and hidden ...
Our boxes of things seen or unseen ...

These boxes will always have to face Truth,
How they stand will be determined by how much truth is in them.
Truth govern our every move.

Truth will set you free!

In the end, Truth is the judge of us all.


Noel Robinson
24 June 2009


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