Worship as a tool to intercession

"This is a response to a prophetic statement I released in 'Reconcilliation Ministry' in Derby, UK re: KWM"
- Noel

Breathing New Life into God’s Army of Worshippers!
First God reminded me about the dry bones of Ezekiel 37, especially verse 10 – “So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath (the Holy Spirit) entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet – a vast army” (italics mine)

Then God showed me the UK, as if looking down on the country from above, and the land was covered in dry bones. He told me that united, Spirit-filled WORSHIP was the lifeblood that was going to bring the dead places back to life. Worship for no other reason that to give God all the glory and adoration He deserves!!

We need UNITY – unity within our churches, between our churches, across cities, spreading like wildfire across the nation and beyond!

As followers of Jesus worshipped in Spirit and in truth, the bones came together. The muscles of unity were the strength that held the emerging body together and then love became the skin that was recognisable to the outside world.

The body took form and became a huge and mighty angel, wielding a sword sharp enough to destroy the enemy!

The feet and legs were made of the older generations – providing a firm foundation of wisdom and support.

The main body were the middle generations 30’s 40’s and 50’s – they were gifted in teaching, discipleship, encouragement, and serving each other.

The beating heart of the body were the prayers of children – pure and without any agenda, connecting to the heart of God.

The left arm and hand were the unloved and rejected of society – the ex-offenders, prostitutes, drug addicts and homeless, transformed and empowered by the redemptive love of Christ.

The right arm and hand were the youth and young adults of the nation, rising up to speak out against injustice and to reach out to their peers with the message of the Gospel.

All worshipping, all united in God’s heart and purposes – the angel stood up to it’s full massive height, started swinging his sword around and ROARED!!!!!!!!

​- Julie Stanley
November 2009

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